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All ​Laptops, PCs, MacBooks & iMACs Repair, Upgrade & Setup

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Laptop Repair

MacBooks & iMAC Repair     

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About Us

Qualified Technician

With over 15 years of local experience, We are Specialist in setting up, repairing & upgrading all laptops and PCs running Windows / Mac operating system. Our services includes but not limited to software, hardware, network and data recovery.

 Low Profit Margin

Charging the lowest possible profit margin is our desire to benefit our fellow human beings, and we best positioned our self in this endeavor by keeping our operational expenses reasonable low intentionally. Your positive experience with us is the key to the long lasting trust.

Peace Of Mind​

No hourly rate. A fixed quote is provided upon a free diagnosis. Repair is proceeded only after receiving a confirmation on quote. 21 days work guarantee is provided on software repairs and 3 months warranty on new parts. I treat you as a fellow human beings, no different than how I would like to be treated when looking for a repair service

Why Choose Us

Why paying too much when our laptop repair services with so much of experience are available at an affordable price. This is your chance to use our service and share your experience, Our approach is people focused. Rest is your desire, The choice we make is the return we get!

Expert & Professional

High Quality Work

Quick In Response

Professional Approach

Satisfaction Guarantee

Work Process

01. Bring Your Broken Device

02. Get A Free Quote Upon Diagnosis

03. Repair Upon Consent On Quote Provided

04. Fast Return with Work Warranty

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