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Terms Of Service

It is matter of great pleasurable to share that not even a single such incident has happened until now. However taking things for granted is not the practice exercised in this repair center, As such, sharing knowledge regarding the below is better than otherwise.

Using our service represents your confirmation that you understand and agree to our terms and conditions, also agreed waiving Customer Guaranteed Service. Diagnosis and repair is carried out following the standard procedures with intent to make corresponding experience available to the recipients, however, there are many things not in our control that can incur damages including but not limited to the following. This happens very rarely but happens everywhere. These damages are highly regrettable, however, accepting no responsibility and accountability is the standard practice exercised by the service providers. In line with this pattern, GP4Computers also accepts no responsibility and accountability of such nature of damages including but not limited to the list below. Leaving you not on your own in such situations is how we are making a difference!

  • Any damage incur due to logical or electrical errors
  • Components responded not ideally to any of the standard procedure
  • Above damages causing data loss, Prior backing up data by Customers is highly recommended
  •  In some cases when laptop not switching on brought for repair, it is not possible to verify whether or not that it has more issues until it is repaired. Repairing later identified issues incurs additional cost bear by the Customers.
  • GP4Computers has no control over delivery services for spare parts coming from overseas/national suppliers, as such; GP4Computers is not liable and responsible for any delay occurs due to any reason from supplier side.
  • Customer are required inspecting their items when collecting back since no responsibility of any damage and conflict will be accepted by GP4Computers unless brought into our attention and agreed at the time of collecting back items
  • Recommendations are made available to customers, proceeding further in line with it or not is entirely Customer's decision
  • Items not picked up within 30 calendar days after receiving communication from us is disposed off unless mutually agreed otherwise in advance no less than 2 days prior the completion of the above 30 days.