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Premises Entry Limitations during COVID-19 Lockdown

It is highly recommended to access updated information regarding lockdown from relevant State Govt Website prior approaching for repair, state govt guidelines are exercised in this practice.

 No Exposure to COVID 19 & Symptom Free

To avoid spreading the virus, coming for repair is not required unless free from COVID 19 virus and symptoms

Primary Device Faulty

If broken device is your only device for essential medical\work\studies or life support

Sanitized Enough

Devices & accessories are required to be sanitized enough so it is safe to repair

Safe Distance & Wearing Mask

Standing at safe distance (1.5 m) when talking as recommended. Wearing Mask is compulsory

No Walk-ins, Only By Appointment

Entry into the premises is not allowed in line with lockdown. Device required be depositing and receiving back at the entry gate.